Dubai: The Country That Tempts You To Revisit

You know how they say ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day.’ Well, it looks like Dubai defied it since turning a desert into a land of skyscraper seems like a ‘blink of an eye job here. Every time you visit Dubai, after years, after months, you will see a new building where once was a heap of sand. Like they say ‘You say it, Dubai has it. Or if it doesn’t have it, it’s building it.’

Also referred to as a country of ambition, Dubai knows how to get things done and always stay ahead with its flourishing commerce and tourism. With GulfNews recording a total of 15.8 million people visited Dubai, in 2017, it is crowned as the leading tourist capitals in the world.

If you are wondering: What is in Dubai apart from the tall skyscrapers,  5-Star hotels, and mega malls, then we suggest you revisit this culturally diverse country. In the meantime, read the reasons as to why people from all over the world can never get enough of Dubai.

It has the beachy vibes

UAE has some of the most pleasant and beautiful beaches in the world. Dubai has this contrasting combination of an uptight commercial country with calming coastal vibes. The minute you descend from the towering buildings, you will feel you have instantly teleported to a coastal place. You can enjoy a stylish outing at one of the stunning beach bars or the unique beach clubs. You Can also enjoy a ride on the tiny, noisy boats, sailing towards Bur Dubai and the Dubai Creek to discover how Dubai came into being.

It ensures safety

With its stringent laws to keep the crime rate minimum, Dubai is one of the safest Middle Eastern countries in the world. The escalating graph of expats can testify to that.

It has a cosmopolitan, multicultural population 

Smashing the stereotypes, Dubai has long had a diverse and exceptionally urbane crowd, even more, diverse than some of the favorite tourist cities like New York. The enormous multicultural population makes the city life interesting.

It has a vibrant nightlife

Dubai has a thrilling and enchanting nightlife. With famous artists playing all over the capital, you are sure to have a good time, without having any safety concerns looming over your mind.

It has the  best ‘all you can eat’ brunch 

There is a remarkable variety of food available in Dubai with eateries serving Arabic to Persian to American to French cuisines. But brunch in Dubai is a must visit, and they are nothing like your mainstream buffet. They are an overindulgent feast, where you will find all the salivating delicacies. You will never be too full not to have another one.  

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