Uses Of Laminated Glass – The Safety Glass

Glass is increasingly used in contemporary architectural designs. This is why it has become a structural element due to its versatility and significant features. Lamination is recently gaining momentum, but it does not mean that it is totally a new technique or material. Laminated glass has been used in the automotive industry for past 50 years and more than 30 years in the architectural designs. It is durable and widely used as safety glass and referred as construction glass. It is basically comprised of two pieces of glass having an interlayer.

The interlayer can be of PVB, ionoplast or glass-clad poly-carbonate. It is used in various applications due to its significant properties. Some of the uses of laminated glass are include

Use In Car Industry

In the automotive industry, laminated has been used for so many years for automotive glazing applications. As a safety glass, it is specifically used in automotive windshields. It is basically designed to ensure safety in vehicles as it shatters into small pieces instead of big and sharp shards. It is durable and offers security against accidental injury or severe weather conditions. Though it is hard to break, but whenever it is broken, the small shards stuck in the PVB layer instead of scattering or causing injury. Due to these benefits, laminated glass is increasingly used in the automotive industry as the Global Insight Market Report shows that the market share of laminated glass was over $ 4.5 billion in 2015 and this share will grow at over 6.5% by 2024.

Use As A Structural Element

Due to increased strength and durability, laminated glass is used in residential and commercial buildings as a structural element. Due to its immense benefits and sleek appearance, it has become a key element in modern interior designs. It is commonly used in shelving, furniture (such as table top, cupboard), doors and panels. You can find laminated safety glass for sale in several online stores.

Use In Various Window Types

It is harder to break and provides protection against burglary and other incidents. This is why it is used in various types such as curtain walls, store fronts, punched or architectural window and in ribbon windows. It is used in handrails, floors and other specialty applications.

Use As Acoustic Glazing

Laminated glass is the best acoustic glazing solution for several commercial buildings as it reduces the sound. It is said that such a safety glass can target the sound range of 1000Hz to 3000Hz and reduce the loudness to 50%. So as a proven acoustic solution it is used in Moreover, it also provides resistance against bomb blast, forced entry and hurricane. All these significant features made it ideal for architectural use. This is why it is commonly used in airports, healthcare and educational institutions, hotels, restaurant industry, apartment and other industrial complexes.

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