Understanding And Conceptualizing Lifting Magnets In Your Workplace

Working conditions in various industrial workplaces have been improved by the utilization of lifting magnets. A myriad of workplaces have disregarded the conventional ways of using chains and slings by moving on to the integration of these sophisticated devices. This device is mainly used by the mining, recycling, demolition metalwork, and construction industries.

Lifting magnet manufacturers have enabled people to increase overall productivity in the workplace by implementing simplicity in conducting various tasks using the device. It ultimately allows one person to handle a significant amount of workload at a particular time. To fully understand the importance of a lifting magnet, it is important to know what it is and the benefits it introduces to your workspace.

What is a Lifting Magnet?

A lifting magnet is an enormous electromagnet that is used in the place of a hook on hoisting machines and cranes specifically when lifting heavy materials made from steel or iron. It aids in lifting magnet- attracting materials such as ferrous metals like bundles of rods, large slabs, chips, and scrap among others. There are two types of lifting magnets including Permanent magnets and electromagnets, which utilize an external source of electricity.

How It Works

The Permanent magnets utilize materials that have been magnetized permanently for the purpose of generating magnetic fields. It is optimized for handling round and flat surfaced materials that weigh less than 2,200 pounds.

Lifting magnet manufacturers have designed permanent magnets to turn on and off with the use of a lever. These implements are advantageous due to their mobility. They can be moved between different sites with ease. However, it is important to note that the permanent magnets are limited to the lifting capacity.

For electromagnets, the exterior makes it seem simple and easy to use. However, they are advanced and sophisticated devices. From the outside, they have a simplified cover plate and machine steel casing that has been coated with an insulator. This exterior cover plate is made of a concentrated sheet of manganese that doubles as a protective armor for the coils inside. The structural composition inside consists of winding copper or aluminum conductors of electricity. The layers between the wound copper and aluminum conductors are separated by a thin film of insulation. It also has an electrical cable with 230 volts of direct current.

Electromagnets utilize this electricity to charge the materials and then hold them using the magnetic field that has been created. The biggest advantage of this one is that it is able to handle more weight. Furthermore, it uses electricity and has controls that help to regulate the output. These features work in tandem to give you the efficiency levels you require. It also helps to eliminate the possibility of accidents by implementing a simplified turning ‘off’ and ‘on’ mechanism. The downside to electro magnets is that in the event of a power outage, the working process has to come to a halt in the absence of backup power.

Final Word

The modern world is set up in a way that machines and industrial advancements are taking over the workforce. Lifting magnet manufacturers have modified these implements to safeguard and also save time and effort while executing tasks at the workplace.

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