Reincarnating Street Photography From The Dusty Shadows Of Memories

The entire fraternity of photography is thoroughly concerned about street photography because they believe that is completely dead. And most of their accusations are pointed towards Internet and phone cameras which have actually watered the quality to such a level which the world couldn’t even imagine. There is a uniform trend which persists in the modern world, and it actually hinders what ever interesting it was. Even the security grounds have got much tighter and privacy issues have made street photography an immoral ground and quite dangerous.

Charles Nucci who was an avid lover of street photography finds his area of interest under serious threat, and there are high chances of it facing extinction. A lot of these attacks have found its roots from serious consideration, however, he would like to contend that it is still driven by nostalgia. While speaking about street photography, or any such thing which is creative, one common phrase that comes in the scenario is, ‘Things are not that good as it used to be years back.’ If there has been something wrong, then it is time to change it, rather than bearing the sense of guilt, and only keep pointing at one another.

Charles Nucci keeps falling for the 20th century, which was once considered to be a golden era for all types of photography. The age found the formation of all these distinct styles of photography, but documentary and street photography were the two genres which actually were promoted all this while. Most of the names which have always been considered as the fathers and grandfathers of photography have proved with their work again and again that photography need not be a heavily geared affair that carried a lot of burden on it.

It is an art, and it should be subtle, quiet, and must engage enough of observation. They have shown it in all their works, where they have used the subjects who were never used to be photographed. These objects couldn’t pose, didn’t acquire the art of posing, and at times couldn’t even realize that they were being photographed. And the entire world has been a witness of the fruitful results of this technique. They were beautiful, consolidated images, which actually captured the sheer diversity of life and the speed at which the world changed.

Take a huge leap and get back to the 21st century, when the entire scenario is completely changed. Digital photography has made changed the entire mode, and Internet has given the platform to the entire thing. The quality of images have definitely got better because the DSLRs have crept in, but the essence of photography is completely lost.

Street photography has been taken for granted, and that is exactly where things have started deflecting. There was bad photography once, but with time it has only got worse. It is time the old art is being rejuvenated because photographers still believe that it is not completely dead.

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