Master The Art Of Juggling As It Is Enjoyable And Great For Mental Health

One must have seen the jugglers performing on the stage with their throwing and catching activity using different objects like balls and other props, etc. What an art it is!!! Such juggling traits is also a very good exercise. It is a non-competitive activity which is performed with three balls or more depending upon the juggler’s skills and efficiency. Hence, the jugglers must choose the correct balls and buy juggling balls according to the size and the weight.

Types of juggling balls- Many people think that a ball is a ball and it does not need any selection to be made prior to start with the juggling activity. Hence for the beginners of juggling, one must understand the types of balls that are available in the market-

  • Beanbags– These are the most common of juggling balls which are made out of vinyl or microfiber and filled with plastic pellets, crushed rocks, or bird seeds from inside. Beanbag balls come in standard colour of a combination of four which includes, red, yellow, blue and green. Due to the weight filled in it and the type of outer covering, these balls generally do not roll or bounce back when dropped. They are from 2.5” to 3” in diameter.
  • Stage balls– These are greater in diameter when compared with the beanbags and have polished outer shell which makes them to be used by the jugglers during stage performances. Such balls are not used for beginners in their practice sessions as they can easily roll and bounce back when dropped. The jugglers show extra-dramatic effect while using stage balls in their stage performance.
  • Russian balls- Such DX balls comes in great combinations of both beanbags and the stage balls. They are made out of hard PVC outer shells and are partly filled with millet seeds to give them a consistent weight.

Logic behind learning and performing juggling- As told earlier juggling is a great exercise hence one must learn to juggle and buy juggling balls starting with beanbags. This is a great sport and a joyful workout. Kids also love to see and learn such an art where talent can be extracted from anyone using their concentration. Besides this there are other health benefits associated with juggling like-

  • Good for stress relief- Sitting on the laptop for more than eight hours makes the body stiff with pain in the neck and back areas. Performing juggling relieves the muscles and makes the body free from all stress.
  • Brain development- Looking at the ball and timing it with your hands is what juggling all about. It helps in brain development with good memory power. On the other hand, regular juggling also builds focus which is really beneficial for leading a fruitful life.
  • Source of entertainment– Performing to juggle in the public gives a centre of attraction and the power to be an important personality. Through this one can also entertain others like crying babies, etc.
  • Eye and hand coordination– Think of situation where balls are flying at your face. Uhhh!! Having a proper eye and hand coordination is only possible through the art of learning juggling balls. This coordination builds improvement in other work areas as well.

Get ready and buy juggling balls for the learning sessions and in a very short span of time one can obtain an entirely new skill.

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