How Making Walls Flexible At Home And Office?

With the growing population and the scarcity of space in cities especially in the advanced cities around the world, finding the right space for your home and office has been increasingly difficult. Having said that, we mean, this is a genuine problem in major cities worldwide. As such, complaining about the problem will not take you anywhere other than aggravating the problem further. They say if you cannot change the situation, learn to enjoy it. However, enjoyment comes from fulfilment. You will be surprised to know that your fulfilment here largely depends on your ability in finding a solution to the space constraint bespoke to an occasion. That’s exactly where operable walls come to your rescue.

What is an operable wall?

Operable means usable for a specific purpose. Thus, an operable wall means a wall that you can put to use on many an occasion bespoke to your need. Such a wall is manufactured in a welded steel frame and it offers flexibility to be used on many occasions. The average thickness of a wall here can vary between 3-4 inches and known for its acoustic property. Having said that, we mean, operable walls are a wonderful gift of the science and technology. Companies that are engaged in the production and sale of these walls have brought about many changes here with the help of its’ in-house R&D (Research & Development) while served millions of customers worldwide.

What you should know about of operable walls:

  • Durable wall: These walls are strong and sturdy. It thus gives you the best value of your hard-earned money. On the flip side, you have the peace of mind managing the space at home and office efficiently vis-a-vis your exact need with these walls.   
  • Acoustic wall: You will be happy to know that these walls have acoustic properties. Hence, the privacy of a room made with these walls remains unaffected. Thus, your makeshift conference room made of these walls will go fine with your requirement.
  • No fume wall: Newly painted walls release fumes of paint/s. People having a fair idea here will realise that fumes may aggravate a headache or the gastric problem. Interestingly, these walls are completely free from such fumes.    
  • Eco-friendly wall: Materials used in the making of these walls do not release any toxic element in your living area. Hence, these walls are well received in the markets across the globe.
  • User-friendly wall: Installation and knocking down these walls are easy. You can do it on your own with the basic tools like a hammer and a screwdriver.  
  • Wall that saves your tax: The cost of purchasing these walls can be treated as CAPEX (Capital Expenditure) since the life of it continues over several years. You are thus free to adjust the cost of these walls on your gross earning thereby reduce the gross profit cum income of your business before adjusting the tax and others such as the depreciation. These walls thus help you reduce your tax liability.   

You may be surprised to know that operable walls are in use over the several decades in some of the advanced countries in the world. It further construes that these walls have been constantly evolving and fulfilling multiple needs of its’ users.   

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