What To Expect From The Best E-Cigarettes In Australia

It’s safe to say that every generation has a recreational substance that comes to define the era. You can’t think of the Roaring Twenties and that world of roadsters, flappers, and F. Scott Fitzgerald without thinking of all the bootleg alcohol that was flowing loose and free at the time. You can’t think of the era of classic Hollywood without thinking of icons of the silver screen from Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall to Audrey Hepburn’s iconic cigarette holder in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. You can’t think of the Swinging Sixties without everyone from the Beatles to Bob Dylan to Jimi Hendrix under the influence of marijuana and certain other “mind-expanding” substances.

And you just can’t imagine today’s environment without vape and e-cigarettes. Vape options are more and more coming to be seen as the substance of choice for today’s generation. As such, if you’re looking to purchase an e cig in Australia, here are a few things that you’ll want to keep in mind.

Tobacco vs. E-Cigarettes

The vices of Big Tobacco are as numerous as they are well-documented. Everyone knows that smoking tobacco can be extremely hazardous to your long-term health with side effects ranging from emphysema and lung cancer to heart problems and so much more. Add to that the fact that tobacco can yellow your teeth and sap your skin of its natural vibrancy and you’ll naturally want to look into alternatives.

While there is more research being conducted, there is some evidence to suggest that e-cigarettes and vaping can be in some ways a comparatively healthy alternative. What’s more, where cigarettes today have the stigma of being both hazardous and somewhat old-fashioned, e-cigarettes are not only new but optimised for your enjoyment.

The Basic E-Cigarette Model

One of the ways in which e-cigs are optimised is in their very construction. Your basic e-cig model comes with a pristine outer metal casing, long-lasting battery, and space in which to put the fluid that is then turned into vapour (hence “vaping”). Modifications to this basic set up, such as even longer-lasting batteries and customised veneers and textures, are available as well.

Different Flavours

Another thing that sets e-cigarettes apart?The taste and artistry of the vape itself. Where there are only so many flavours of cigarettes, there are literally hundreds if not thousands of different types of vape fluid on the market today, each with a distinct taste to it. Again, substances have a way of mirroring and defining their era – and in a time where customisation and individuality is more celebrated than ever, these ideals are perfectly encapsulated not by the monolithic manufacturing processes of Big Tobacco but the individualised attention to detail embodied by the e-cigarette industry today.

Experience the substance of our era with the best e-cigarettes in Australia today!

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