Everything You Need To Know About Planogramming

Advancement in digital technology is helping almost everyone. In particular, retail store owners are getting a sweet taste of this technological progress. With the development of novel software, online platforms, and mobile apps that facilitate stocking, inventory management and sales analysis, the business owners are finding it easier to manage their business and reaping maximum profit.

Planogramming is one such technique that helps the retail business tremendously. In simple terms, it can be defined as the technique of display and inventory control that allows maximum space utilisation. It makes the sales experience easier for the customer and seller alike. This can be done by making a visual document that illustrates the location and placement of all the products in the retail store. This drawing is known as the planogram, and it can be made by hand, by using simple programs like MS Excel, or by using dedicated software.

Advantages of using planograms

Planograms serve a lot of purposes, some of which are outlined below.

  • Efficient utilisation of available space
  • Better visual appeal of products to attract potential customers
  • Improved inventory control
  • Increased sales and profit
  • Better experience for the staff and customers alike

Why should sellers switch to planogramming software and apps?

Given the fact that a retail business can gain so much by using planograms, it is prudent to include them. However, creating a customised planogram is not just anyone’s job. Different parameters have to be kept in mind for making an effective planogram. While handmade planograms work just fine, they are difficult to modify and not so easy to create, especially for big stores. Simple programs like MS Excel can be used to make planograms, but it takes a lot of time and patience. Hiring the services of a professional for creating planograms is a very costly affair. Thus, planogramming software and apps are the most suitable resources for creating planograms.

Key features of planogram creating software and apps

  • Readymade basic templates

These software and apps have a compilation of commonly used and effective templates. This saves a lot of time in the planogram designing stage.

  • Easy to format

The formatting of the planogram can be done just by a few clicks. Automatic format option saves a lot of effort and time.

  • Extensive compilation of symbols

Most planogram creating software and apps come with a library of different symbols to cover the entire range of retail items like clothes, electronics, stationery items, household items etc. These readymade visuals and just be dragged on to the planogram when required.

  • User friendly interface

These software and apps are designed for easy usage. They are very intuitive and do not need a long time to master.

  • 24×7 customer support

Most of these software companies provide customer service support round-the-clock for attending queries and resolving any technical issues.

Regardless of the size of and scope of the business, using a planogram software will make it easier for the owner to manage the business and lead to more sales, eventually making the business grow. In addition, the customer will get a better shopping experience, thereby adding to the reputation of the store.

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