Don’t Let Old Age Stop You From Living Out Your Travel Dreams

When you work your whole life to put a roof over your head, provide for your family and buy the odd luxury such as a car or a weekend away, you deserve the chance to do something special with your golden years when you reach retirement. After you’ve stopped working, you’re going to have a lot of extra free time to fill, and it’s vital to keep your body and mind active if you want to remain healthy for years if not decades to come. Some people choose to take up a new hobby to take up their time, such as gardening or taking long strolls along peaceful countryside trails, but other people like to utilise their savings to experience the world and all it has to offer.

Of course, funding a world trip can be rather tricky, especially if you don’t have a lot of savings and your pension is only a fraction of what you used to get paid every month, but there are ways you can secure the cash you need to explore the far reaches of the globe. For example, you could sell your large family home and relocate to a small bungalow or luxury caravan to use the profit from your property’s sale to fund your adventure. That way, you wouldn’t need to rely on your pension to pay for the costs of flights, transportation and day to day living, and you’d still have a place to live after your trip had ended. However, when you’re trying to work out how much you’ll need to live out your travelling dreams, you mustn’t forget about purchasing travel insurance.

Though it’s a shame for those who wish to travel during their retirement, travel insurance for people aged over 65 is usually more expensive than it is for those in their younger years, and if you have a pre-existing medical condition, you can expect your premiums to go up even further. If you’re working with a strict budget in mind and are trying to fit as many destinations as possible into your trip, you might be tempted to travel without insurance based on the knowledge that the vast majority of tourists never need to use it. However, even if most people enjoy holidays without sustaining an injury or getting into a tricky situation that requires help from an insurer, accidents can and do happen, and you don’t want to be left to pay huge bills by yourself should you be one of the few unlucky travellers.

Adding to the frustration of finding an insurance package when you’ve over 65 years old is the fact that some companies won’t even provide a quote believing that you’re too high risk. Likewise, some insurers may offer ridiculously pricey quotes believing you may pay the premiums if you think you have no choice. Fortunately, regardless of your age or medical condition, you can find insurance that provides excellent cover for a fair price by using a comparison website such as Medical Travel Compared.

Why You Should Compare Insurance Quotes on a Dedicated Comparison Website

Let’s face it, purchasing the first insurance package you can find that’s available to you might be the easiest way to get covered, but it’s hardly the wisest option and could prove to be a huge mistake. To make sure you don’t make the error of purchasing low-quality insurance for an astronomical fee, you should use a comparison website to compare quotes.

  • You only need to use one website to find quotes tailored to your age and medical condition – If you decide to call numerous companies by simply using Google to find them, you might be looking for days to find an insurer you can trust – if you can find an insurer that provides cover to retirees at all. However, by using a comparison website that solely works with insurers that provide cover to those over the age of 65 or with medical conditions, you’ll know that nobody will reject your application before you’ve even filled out the forms.
  • You only need to fill out one form – Speaking of forms, isn’t it nice to know that you only need to enter your personal details once to find quotes from a wide variety of insurance companies? If you decide to browse potentially dozens of insurance company websites to compare quotes, you’ll have to fill out a similar form time and time again despite the fact that you’re pretty much giving them all the same information. With a comparison website, you only need to fill out one form, which will be used by dozens of insurers to provide an accurate quote within seconds.
  • Compare prices and packages on one simple-to-navigate page –Aside from the fact that applying for quotes is easy if you use a comparison website, it’s also easy to compare the price of the premium and what it covers from one single page. Needless to say, you shouldn’t simply choose the cheapest quote if the cover it offers won’t support you financially in every possible situation, but you shouldn’t pay too much for an insurance package that you could’ve purchased cheaper elsewhere. As long as you make sure that the insurance package covers you in the event of any accident and that the money it will provide in such a situation will be enough, and you can go travelling knowing that you’re prepared for any situation.

Make the Most of Your Golden Years

You started education when you were about five years old and then left school or university to pursue a full-time job for the vast majority of your life. Now that you finally have lots of free time to yourself, you ought to make the most of it by living out your dream of being a world explorer. As long as you purchase travel insurance designed specifically for the over 65s by using a reliable comparison website, you can embark on your world adventure knowing that accidents and mishaps won’t result in financial hardship.

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