Different Metals Used For Making Furniture For Your Garden

Passing our evenings in our gardens gives us a sense of comfort. Inviting our relatives and friends for enjoying drinks and snacks in our home gardens fills us with great excitement. Sitting on the metal garden furniture gives us satisfaction and pleasure. Different materials including wood etc are used for making furniture items. Few people prefer buying the furniture that is made only from metals while it can be prepared by mixing other materials too. Sophisticated designer garden furniture can be enjoyed by combining light aluminum frames and solid teak wood. There are the wood and other materials that are used for making furniture. But metal has become the preferred choice of millions of furniture lovers across the globe.

Types of metals – Following are the metals that are generally used to make garden furniture:

  • Aluminum – Strong and durable enough, many people prefer this metal for making garden furniture items. Designer chairs and benches etc can be prepared with aluminum that does not flake or rust with passage of time. Lighter in weight, this metal is commonly available and it is easy to move the chairs or other items that are made with aluminum. This meal requires almost zero maintenance. Coated with powder, this metal is available in different colors. Aluminum can be cleaned just with simple soap. It may be rinsed. Using the mineral oil or car wax it can be protected from ill effects because of hot sun etc. As compared to other metals, aluminum does not get affected much with sunlight and remains cool. So there is no harm in placing the aluminum-made furniture in the hot sun.
  • Steel – Little heavier than aluminum, steel is another good metal that is widely used in making the garden furniture items. Powder coating is helpful in protecting this metal from rust etc. Quite cheaper than other metals, steel often retains heat. So you may place cushions in steel-made chairs to stay away from heat when sitting in them. Steel can be protected from rust by applying protective finishes. It can be washed with mild soap and cleanse. Stronger than aluminum, steel is generally used for making sectionals and sofas etc.
  • Wrought Iron – This is another good material that is used in making metal garden furniture. Little heavier, this metal can be protected from rust by using powder coating. Paint may be used to cover the little cracks that often appear on wrought iron. It can be rinse by using mild soap. You may use cushioning in the chairs that are made from wrought iron that retains the heat. All-weather fabric may be chosen for making cushions. Be advised to place the furniture items made from this metal in garages, or under the covered sheds after their use.

Metal garden furniture can be cleaned with mild detergent and warm water; followed by drying it up using soft cloth. Covering the metal-made furniture helps in enhancing its life. Ease of availability and genuine pricing are the exclusive benefits of these strong metals.

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